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October 24, 2014
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Indoor Centers

"ICS" Indoor Center Solutions is a complete solutions package that features a special lineup of games and expertise put together specifically for our ever growing Indoor Center customers. We can guide you through the process of putting together your Indoor Center and game lineup like no one else can.

Our ICS solutions package is the sum of our years experience acquired by serving hundreds of Indoor Centers during the growth and development of the indoor inflatable party center concept.

When you contact us with your project, be it a brand new opening, an expansion or a franchise operation, our sales stuff will use the right tools to ensure your facility is a complete success. ICS is also aimed at working with you on customizing the games according to your own facility's unique requirements. We specialize in the ability to customize any of our units be it size, color shape or branding. Make your center unique and become the most successful operation in your region.

Within the ICS concept you will soon find a range of accessories conceived for the Indoor Center market. We've had years of experience and we know exactly what you need

Being the leader in the industry means providing you with the tools to make your business a success. We created ICS because we knew you expected no less from us.

In order for a unit to earn an ICS Logo it must minimally have:

  1. A design suited to handle many participants, with many activity choices and have high playability factor.
  2. Easy Child monitoring, as safety is of highest importance and commitment of Inflatable Depot and our ICS products.
  3. Special Reinforcements in high transit areas.
  4. Replaceable covers that allows your units extended life.
  5. Themed and branding capabilities.
  6. The WOW factor that the Inflatable Depot is known for.
Indoor Center Solutions

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